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MFJ-9232 QRP Loop Tuner Review

I would like to share my experience whit the MFJ-9232 QRP Loop Tuner .

When I received my MFJ-9232 it came packaged in a waterproof vinyl bag with 55 feet of 18 wire and about10 ring slugs but no instruction manual (you have to dowload from the MFJ website).

There is no frame to suport the wire so i pickup some PVC and build a frame to suport the loop.
I started out with a loop to 20M but the results were low. Pick some RG coax that was laing around and make a fine loop to 20M and boom, signals came from the radio right a way.
With a loop antenna you do not use an antenna tuner, instead you adjust the antenna’s capacitance through adjustable capacitors, the best is using the method described in the manual of peaking the signal.

Since my Yaesu was stolen from my car i had to test whit my trusty radio an old TS-520 whit the lowest power i can get (field qrp tests need to be on old no money to buy new radio and a new baby is coming).

A new digital mode emerge FT8 and was wen i dicided to give a try and manage to get 5 QSO`s on just 15minutes. Fantastic.

All my 20M, FT8 contacts are going to bee whit this antenna no outher.

This is a good start to loop antenas, low price and you test and build your loop for your favorite band.
If you decide to give a try on 40M be awere that it is going to be a realy big loop.
I would buy outher kit like this one just for the experience of " building " my own antennas, its easy to buy a ready to go antenna but where is the fun on that!!!

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