segunda-feira, 14 de agosto de 2017

LOTW TQSL was updated today.

LOTW TQSL was updated today.
onfig.xml version 11.1 has been released.
This is an update release containing additions made since the release of config.xml 10.5
The changes in config.xml 11.1 are:
In the Modes enumeration following approval and realease of ADIF v3.0.6 on 13 August 2017, added entries for:
In the Satellite enumeration, added an entry for:
"LO90": LilacSat-OSCAR 90 (LilacSat-1)
In TQSL's station location specification wizard :
Added a combination of ITU Zone 50 & WAZ 26 for DXCC® Entity 318 (China)

Happy uploads to all FT8 users.

73 de CT8ABY

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