quarta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2017

20/40M dipole for emergency or sota

I woke up and wondered if something happened and was quick to pick up a dipole quickly. But I do not have any dipole available. Hmmm let's solve this! After thinking well I decided to do a dipole without traps a simple thing but that gave in two bands 20 / 40M. For emergencies or even a SOTA. After seeing videos of an Australian and a few google searches I decided to make a 40M dipole that removing a crocodile on each side would be a dipole for 20M. Simplest impossible. Of course I'll have to lower the mast to change the band but I can live with that.

terça-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2017

SOTA offer from CT2GSN

My friend João, CT2GSN from Barcelos offered me a patch of the SOTA Portugal program to encourage me to activate my first SOTA. As soon as I have one of the 40M kits coming from Brazil ready I will. 73

Kits from brasil

To start well the year I received the 3 kits and some components from a great friend Adinei PY2ADN. One of the kits is the famous 40M Ararinha of Miguel PY2OHH's initial design. The other is a variant of the mite called Transelite and controlled by FLL. Finally an LC meter. These last two kits are from a great colleague Eli PY2EGS. A big thank you to all my radio amateur friends in Brazil. 73

Bem vindos! Welcome !!

Welcome to this space where I will report my course in the Portuguese Radioamadorismo and where I will present some reviews 73